Nissan Versa and Frontier Among Slowest To Depreciate in Value

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Our White Plains area Nissan dealer knows that buying a car is a big financial decision. It’s a commitment to something that will start depreciating as soon as you leave the lot. This is why we have a secret to share. Do you want to know the models that are the slowest to depreciate? We have that information.

The Nissan Versa is one of those models that attracts the eye, but it also should attract your wallet. It’s an affordable model and it only loses 8.7 percent of its value in one year. That’s an impressive rate that we know White Plains Nissan drivers won’t be able to ignore. This purchase would be well worth the investment and you can’t go wrong with the Versa Sedan. That’s a certainty.

In the market for a rough rider? Check out the Nissan Frontier. This model is well equipped for the rugged side of life and depreciates at a modest 7.9 percent of its value in one year. Whether you go for the four or six cylinder engine, you’ll be as happy as a clam with its performance. Not everyone can say they got both a decent investment and something that will dare to go on adventures like never before.

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2015 Nissan Versa near White Plains

Nissan is a brand that is making a name for itself amongst its competitors. The brand is one that will bring you great memories, performances, and investments. When buying a brand new vehicle, you shouldn’t have to worry about depreciation as soon as you leave the lot. These two models make sure that you drive off carefree. That’s what makes us so great.

Visit our White Plains area Nissan dealership for great vehicles at great prices. We can supply you with a road trip companion that puts the fun in your adventures. You need to stop by soon to take full advantage of what we have to offer. Our inventory is extensive and you won’t leave disappointed.


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