5 Tips For Packing A Car For A Roadtrip

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Our New York Nissan dealership is here for you from little every day trips to the bigger cross-country ones. Let us give you tips on how to successfully pack for a roadtrip. We have compiled a list that we think will help you keep the kids busy, the car going, and the luggage in place. Read on to find out what you may be doing wrong or what you could do better. Life hacks are all the rage now aren’t they?

1. Cargo Packing

When packing your cargo hold with all the luggage, make sure the heaviest items are put as far forward as possible and are on the floor. Handling could be comprised by the cargo weight and if it is farther back, it could compress the rear springs and reduce the weight over the front wheels, impacting steering and braking. To reduce the likelihood of a rollover, keep the overall center of gravity lower. Strap down any loose items in a box to the car’s cargo anchors. Loose items can cause injury to other passengers during a panic stop or a crash. While packing, just remember to keep your rear visibility open and clear because you can’t have an obscured rear window when backing up or driving.

2. Tire maintenance and pressure is important

Some things to look for when visually inspecting your tires: sidewall bulges, tread damage, extreme wear, chunked tread, exposed steel belts, punctures, sidewall cuts, etc. Definitely do this before the trip. Properly inflate the tires and keep in mind that you will have people and cargo in the vehicle for several miles so make those adjustments. You’ll find the recommended inflation pressure in the owner’s manual or on the driver’s side doorjamb. Don’t use the maximum pressure figure on the tire sidewall.

91Og7aS2zdL._SL1500_3. Avoid are we there yet syndrome

Make sure you pack stuff for the kids. They can each personally select items to put in a bag for the road trip. Tell them to include a book or journal, activity/toy, and portable DVD player. The DVD player may save the day. A backseat organizer could also be a great idea to keep everything in a place that can be found. Another idea to keep children entertain is to have children’s books on tape and kid’s music to pass the time. Or better yet, play games, like road trip bingo!  Keep the kids busy and you can keep your mind peaceful.

4. Keep Essentials Handy

Keep your essential stuff in the main console such as electronic chargers, wet wipes, Kleenex, napkins, and a first aid kit. If you have a shot gun passenger, make sure they keep their essentials packed in a tote in the front so they can access it without having to unload the trunk. Other things to keep handy are your cell phone, maps, and roadside emergency kit. You’ll appreciate the proximity.

5. Garbage and Food

Use a plain plastic bag or special fabric car trash can to dispose of any trash when you can’t stop on the road to look for a garbage can. Speaking of trash, you’ll need to throw out any food packages or bottles. Make sure you bring those with you. Bring wet wipes &napkins too for any spills or any rogue crumbs. To minimize the spills, you can even bring lidded or sippy cups for the kids and a thermal mug for yourself.

Hopefully these tips prevent major or minor disasters on your next roadtrip. Any help is good on those long and winding roads. Stop by our dealership to find vehicles capable of holding what you need for those trips you’ve always wanted to go on and for any other advice you may be seeking. We’d be happy to help you no matter the situation. All you have to bring is the roadtrip stories and your questions. Please call  844-397-6161 for your VIP Internet Appointment.

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